Pardon me while I wipe that slime off the ceiling

Some Newfs drool. Some Newfs drool more than others. Some Newfs drool quarts. With 4 Newfs in the house, vacuuming and wiping up the Newf hair is only part of it. There is a continuous discussion on Internet Newf lists and among Newf folks in general as to what is the best product on the market for cleaning slime off the refrigerator, cupboard doors etc. Everyone has their favourite solution, be it commercial or one handed down by Newf owners of the past. One would expect to have to clean the bottom part of the refrigerator, or the bottom 3 feet of the walls, but one would NOT expect to have to have a small step ladder always handy so one could reach those streaks of slime at the junction of the top of the wall and ceiling. And what does one use to get slime off a stucco ceiling? Who knows! Spit happens! No area of the house is safe from a Newf who has just had half of his 20 pound head immersed in a water dish, sucking up his water, then standing back and having a good shake. We have trained our ears so that when a dog drinks, we know it. We then are ready with one of our many ‘drool rags’ to catch that spray before the shake. Rimshot, before he became old and lazy, adapted to the routine and would have a drink then immediately come to one of us for the ‘wipe off’ Now he just doesn’t seem to care. He will have a drink, and then walk away from the water dish, trailing a river flowing from his chin and chest. Love those old guys. We keep drool rags scattered in different areas of the house so that we are never too far from one. Also whenever we take these dogs anywhere where there may be other people, a drool rag is stuffed into a back pocket ready to be whipped out at a moment’s notice. There is never a thought given to throwing away an old towel. Everything is considered a potential drool rag. Yes, this is Life Among the Giants.

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