New author, and owner of Newfoundland Dogs for the past 15 years, William Ball, of Lancaster, Ontario has released his first book depicting his and his wifeís Life Among the Giants. These large, black, hairy dogs, which produce very impressive ropes of slime often at the most inopportune times present a challenge when one has one of them as a house dog. But owning four? The mischief they cause and predicaments in which they find themselves are multiplied by four and the simple act of "living" with this many 160 pound dogs presents many interesting "happenings" in everyday life.

    The book is about this man, his wife, and 600 pounds of dog, all living in the same small house in the country. What is their daily routine? What changes must they make in their life in order to fit these dogs into their 24 hour days? What types of adventures fill their lives? Experience this way of life through the eyes of the author. It highlights the comical, sad and loving aspects of sharing and devoting oneís days with these lovable gentle giants called "The Newfoundland Dog"

    Readers will learn a little about the history of the dog, and a lot about their personality and character and how they fit so well into family life. The author also introduces the reader to the world of the Newfoundland as a therapy dog, and how they help others in need by providing their valued companionship, support and sensitivity. The book is interspersed with many photos which were selected specifically to depict the story being told and gives the reader an accurate picture of what life is like among the giants.

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Endorsements and praise for the book

  1.     Life Among the Giants is a most enjoyable book, from a breeders viewpoint and as a dog lover. The book tells about the joys and the difficulties of owning, not just one, but several of these hairy, slobbery beasts. The writer's love for these dogs shines through. A must for any Newf owner, or anyone considering getting a Newfoundland dog!
    Nina Coté, Marcarpents Kennels, Brighton, On

  2.     I've recently had the pleasure of meeting William Ball (and two of his dogs!) of Glengarry, Ontario. He has written "Life Among the Giants", a lovely, light-hearted account of sharing his life with 4 Newfoundland dogs.
        Bill provides information on the history of the breed, grooming considerations, temperament, drool(!) and generally what to expect when you add 600 lbs of dogs to your day!
        My favorite chapter is on the Therapy work that Bill does with his dogs. He visits retirement homes, and his Newf, Rimshot, was the founding dog in the "Reading to Rimshot" program in Cornwall, On, where children with reading difficulties are encouraged to read to the dogs.
        Highly recommended reading for those considering adding a Newf into their lives. Those who already have a Newf will certainly appreciate the antics of Bill and his crew! Please note that 20% of the sale of this book will be donated to Newfoundland Dog Rescue.
    Linda MacDonald - Caramor Newfoundland Dogs

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  3.     This is a most enjoyable read with plenty of pictures throughout. The stories are about all things to which we, as people owned by Newfs, can certainly relate. There are the crazy antics, sorrow of the loss and everything in between. I truly believe that everyone who reads this book will not only enjoy the reading, but relate totally to their own "life among the giants"!!
    Tina Barton—member, Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada

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